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Post GOP Debate, coming Snowmagedon!

Jan. 21st, 2016 | 10:17 am

It snowed an inch last night and for some reason, no one prepped the roads. So the commute home was as much as 6hrs for some people. Yeah..that was one inch. We are expecting 13-20 more.

I did go to the gym last night. (It's less than a mile away) It was gloriously empty and I enjoyed it very much :) However, getting there was rather interesting. A woman was stuck in her van on the hill. She had slid slightly (and I do mean Slightly) and just freaked out and wouldn't go anywhere. ...then there were the two metro buses stopped in the middle of the road with their flashers on and passengers getting off. I asked one as they passed what had happened and he said that the bus driver felt like the bus was sliding everywhere and that it wasn't safe to drive so he just decided to abandon it. Told the passengers to get off and everyone would have to find their own way home. I felt really bad for them...

Besides, isn't it the responsibility of the company to get their passengers home safely? Can you really just drop them off anywhere like that? ..mind you, not all of them were young or appropriately dressed to be hiking around in the windy cold weather.

Yeah... I haven't found anything about it online.

The GOP debate was fun. Got together with friends and made a drinking game of it. Apparently "guns" is the golden word. Had them take the empathy test I ranted about last post and guess what? Same score! (LOL) We also found a study that concluded that individuals could accurately judge whether someone is a criminal based on pictures of their faces alone. We took it their test. My friends..not so great...me, very very good. Same thing tho.. Another BS study and false conclusion. The reason why you're able to identify criminals is because of the very slight emotion on their faces. I just did better bc women are better at seeing these subtleties then men. -shakes head-

Anyway.. Can't wait for the snow. It was in the 70s for Christmas. We need a little cold weather and snow.

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The Empathy Quotient

Jan. 14th, 2016 | 12:51 pm

I woke up today and was pondering what drives individuals to do horrible things and got on the web to seek some answers and stumbled across a test that determines one's level of empathy. Supposedly, those with lower empathy, and therefore lower scores, are more likely to commit acts that deny/undermine/negate the feelings of others. Those with low scores are claimed to have trouble relating to other people, because they do not strongly empathize with others. Claims are that they are capable of committing horrible acts without feeling much remorse.

I'm sure you can see where this is going... I took the test.

And well..I didn't score in the extremely low range, which would've placed me in the autism spectrum...but I scored just above that. Very strange, because my bf often tells me how incredibly empathetic I am and how in-tuned I am to the social aspects of situations. (still shaking my head) I have to wonder where he and my friends and family members would fall on this scale. :P

Basically it came down to this: A)I do not understand what motivates others, specifically in events that involve hurting others when retaliation/defense/psychosis are not involved B)I often do not understand how/why others are so easily hurt by the judgements of strangers/acquaintances C)If someone is hurt by my actions/words I generally believe it is their problem...bc, well, I'm pretty considerate and I'm not going to live my life scared of being myself or saying what i think.

Yes, I've always had a much "thicker skin" than my peers and have never cared much about what people think of me. Yes, I care about what my friends, family, boss and coworkers think...after all, these are people who I am directly involved with and whom I should and do care about. But, I have never been able to grasp why people care so much about what strangers and individuals they hardly know think. Some people have admired my ability to simply not be bothered...certainly there are many self-help books, sites, and counseling to help people drown out the negativity and judgement of others. So why am I an empathetic abnormality? And is that really such a bad thing?

The test began with Simon Baron-Cohen, a professor of developmental psychopathology at the University of Cambridge, and Director of the University's Autism Research Centre. He's been doing autism research since the mid 80s and has produced a series of tests to measure placement of an individual in the autism spectrum. This research has lead to the development of the Baron-Cohen Empathy Quotient Test. The test measures an individuals ability to empathize with others, indicating autism among lower scores. Rather recently, it has been used to indicate individuals that are empathically deficient. The claim is that individuals who are not autistic and who score low, are more likely to be sociopathic, narcissistic, or to suffer from some sort of anti-social personality disorder. They've been making these claims for a relatively short time..8-10years.

After a little online digging I discovered this: 1)Basically, most scholars disagree with the use of this scale to determine the likelihood of an individual to commit acts without remorse/empathy as they have shown it not to be an effective indicator 2)It offensively makes a variety of assumptions about individuals, such as: those with autism are more likely to harm others because they cannot empathize as deeply, men are intrinsically less empathetic, those who are most empathetic are less likely to harm others, if members in society were more empathetic we would have a lower instance of harm towards others.

Basically, all it does is help to indicate autism...

Strangely enough, studies have shown that those with the lowest levels and highest levels of empathy are the individuals most likely to have difficulties in social settings. They are the most likely to have difficulty getting along with others, holding onto friends or jobs. So really...you wouldn't want a high score. Also..a narcissist or any individual who has difficulty with self reflection, wouldn't produce a reliable score because of their distorted view of their own abilities.

I even read an article by a journalist who took the test and scored even lower than me. The response from Cohen was that the scale is not exact and that he was still within a normal range...even though the test had basically identified him as borderline autistic.

So yeah... I've often thought that psychology is a bogus science that can and does find some type of disorder and neurosis with everyone. Literally..everyone. And the sad thing is that it doesn't have to be so distorted. It doesn't have to make such far-reaching and broad claims. So why does it? Because people are afraid of NOT being normal. Because they can't admit that there aren't that many differences between a deviant and a norm. The idea that we are all capable of horrible acts given the right thought process or environmental conditions is just too dark for them. Because the individuals that go into psychology, conduct these studies, and build these tests, are most often drawn to it because they DO NOT understand others. Seems to me, that those deficient in these skills shouldn't be the one's judging others and producing the tests for "normalcy".

Honestly, just the fact that I'm all moody and bitchy about my results and angered at the idea that people are being wrongfully grouped into a "non-empathetic" category and judged..it's a pretty strong indicator that the test is bogus. Based on my results I shouldn't care.

Like seriously...did no one think that they should give the test to a trial group to check it's validity before making these claims?! ugh!

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Life is short

Dec. 16th, 2015 | 04:15 pm

So, I often write when I don't want to talk to anyone about the things that are bouncing around in my head...which results in rather dark posts. And sorry in advance, because this is one of them. But I just found out yesterday that a girl I was friends with died. She was a friend of a friend, but we liked one another a lot and I had always intended for us to hangout more..as I'm sure she did as well. We just both worked a lot, and she had a controlling boyfriend who made it difficult for her to go out with friends.

She was younger than me. Funny, kind, and extremely pretty. She had so much going for her and it's just really disturbing and difficult to understand how she's just gone.

Supposedly there's an investigation concerning her death, the new/current boyfriend and his firearm... it's very upsetting.

The last time I saw her we played cards together.
The whole thing is just surreal..

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Pintrerest: I love you...I hate you!

Jun. 22nd, 2015 | 12:05 pm

Years ago a friend turned me on to pinterest after I fed her "the best damn cinnammon roll she had had in her life". She said it was a site filled with lots of interesting topics, but that I should specifically check out their recipe section. And so, years later, and with many "pinterest fails" under my belt I have come to the conclusion that I have a Pinterest addiction.

Yes...It lures me in with its vibrant beautiful and perfectly staged food photos. It is welcoming, encouraging, and garners the support of a mass following that pin and re-pin spouting praise and admiration week after week, day by day, second by second. There is a feeling one gets of culinary connection and a shared experience, an insight into the food and dietary trends of today.

However, there is no oversite of recipes. I could post with a beautiful picture of my delicious cinnamon rolls and have a recipe for Irish soda bread with it. People would "ooh and ahh" and comment, pin and re-pin, and how many of them would actually notice that the recipe was off? How many of them would actually make the recipe? ..Granted, the level of mis-representation is not THAT bad, rather it is general human error: Recipes with an ingredients list that then don't show where to add those ingredients, recipes without an oil or rising agent that is absolutely necessary to make said dish, recipes without measurements or with improper measurements of ingredients. And then there's simply bad recipes with great photos, which are difficult to identify as such unless you have previous knowledge to draw from.

Yes...At this point, I have had more Pinterest fails than successes. After each one I come to the conclussion that I am through with them, but I keep going back anyway. And I now read and reread recipes before making them, I compare them to other recipes of the same dish, and I'm no longer afraid to assume that the recipe is wrong...because about 75% of the time it is. At this rate, I could dedicate my time to making a site titled "Pinterest Fixes". Joking.. But if nothing else, I think that I've learned more by fixing other peoples dishes then I ever did by copying them. So, thank you Pinterest...and I still hate you?!

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(no subject)

May. 26th, 2015 | 06:11 am

I was at a bar or college party once when I was younger. I was maybe 21 or 22. A kid I had never met before came up to me and started talking to me very loudly and intently.
"Have you heard of Rapeseed?"
"...uh...? What?"
"Have you heard of Rapeseed?"
"Ohh.. You haven't heard of RAPEseed? How have you never heard of RAPEseed? I mean, it's RA.."
[I cut him off]
"I just said that I've heard of it"
[I am walking away. He follows]
"OHhh. Well thats great that you've heard of RAPEseed. RAPEseed is a very important...uh, seed. And RAPEseed.."
[I cut him off again]
"Don't talk to me. You're a creep."
[I walk away as he's trying to tell me I am being an overly sensitive bitch but cannot hear him above the noise of the crowd and music.]

So why did this happen? I'm older now and I've met this guy more than a few times..not the same guy of course..but this TYPE of guy. Hes socially awkward and women make him feel small and powerless so he seeks out a way to "right the wrongs against him". This sort of guy goes out of his way to make a girl feel uncomfortable. He might sit too close, look too intently, or simply say inappropriate things. And it's always something small and subtle. Nothing too outlandish as to draw attention or to invoke a slap or pepper spray to the face. No...these people operate on deviant behavior in public and social settings where their victims can be witnessed responding to such behavior but in which it is unlikely that anyone will step in and come to the victim's defense. The goal of these men is to take back the power that they feel they lose in their interactions with women. They do this by trapping their victim in a social setting that appears harmless at first and then making them deeply uncomfortable. The woman might respond by calling the person out on their inappropriate behavior. He will of course either A)deny it or B)play it off as harmless and without ill intent. If it is a group setting he will have this interaction with primarily the group rather than the individual. He will try to paint himself as a the victim, especially if the woman becomes upset/angry or walks away from the interaction. If she is cold to him he will try to bring that to the attention of the group in an attempt to make her appear unaccepting, unfriendly, or worse.

In the past, I've always been the person to tell someone to fuck off in these situations. I would know that my boyfriend or friends would support me in any social setting where this could happen. That no matter how much this was twisted around to make the perpetrator look like an innocent, that they would always take my side. I knew that my boyfriend would never just sit there and let this happen, not in his presence..not ever.

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RIP Pig Pig

Dec. 12th, 2014 | 02:32 am

Mr. Pig passed away. :(
Poor little guy. I miss him.
He really was my little confidant in all matters of life and I hate that I can't talk to him..

I don't think other people can understand, but he really was a perfect pet and my best friend (crazy to say...I know) But who will listen to my daily bullshit, have coffee with me in the morning, and criticize my poor life choices with chatters, pouty pig lips, or blank stares that say "oh please... Now get me a carrot!".

Miss him :(

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Weight loss Craze

Oct. 15th, 2014 | 04:16 pm

So...I am getting old and sad to say, my metabolism is slowing down. In addition to vastly improving my cooking abilities I am also in a positive loving relationship that makes me very happy and secure = pack on the lbs.

I do exercise often, though probably not as often as I'd like. And I've started prepping for a 5k zombie run that Lil ms Sugar Lips has planned for our group. So really I'm actually in pretty good shape...I'm just a bit larger than I'd like. :(

In any case, I have joined the diet craze and gotten myself green coffee extract and garcinia cambogia. ...I was having a bad weight day and made an impulsive buy (what can I say)

So here's to hoping that it works along with my regular diet and exercise. I will be a sexy goddess come January ;)

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The Giver

Aug. 20th, 2014 | 09:44 pm

So, as you may know, they've come out with a movie adaptation of the critically acclaimed book The Giver. A book which I read in middle school and which helped to shape and mold the way in which I viewed larger world concepts at that age. I was excited for the movie and wanted to reread the book...and so I did.
And... Not how I remembered it...and not the events of the book but my overall reaction and interpretation of the events. I was overwhelmed with the sense that the plan to leave the community was not rebellious or altruistic as I'm sure that I must have interpreted it as a child but remarkably poorly planned and completely without regard for the consequences. That is of course not to say that the community should not have changed...but it was not how I recalled my interpretation of the book at 11/12. I found myself wanting to hear Rosemary's story more.

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(no subject)

Mar. 13th, 2014 | 05:11 am

Just finished American Beauty for the 30th time. I love that movie. It makes me appreciate life and people...it's just so good.
Reading Divergent and not particularly liking it. Even for a young adult novel it just seems so simplistic and watered down and the lettering and spacing are huge. I looked it up and it's rated for ages 13+ ...which is really surprising. At age 11 and 12 I was reading things like The Hobbit and Citizen of the Galaxy, and the young adult novels I do remember reading like the Unicorn or Redwall Series had considerably more to them in terms of vocabulary and actual body. It's the snob in me talking, but I really hate dumbed down books. And I think I'm disliking this one even more than 50 Shades of Grey...if that's even possible. Still crawling my way through SK's IT but it's really good. I read so much SK, I often feel like I've been to Maine, even though I haven't...I really need to remedy that!

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Dec. 12th, 2013 | 10:43 pm

I'm covered in them. Thank you Tide laundry detergent! This I why you shouldn't sleep in other peoples beds -scratch scratch-

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