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The Giver

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Aug. 20th, 2014 | 09:44 pm

So, as you may know, they've come out with a movie adaptation of the critically acclaimed book The Giver. A book which I read in middle school and which helped to shape and mold the way in which I viewed larger world concepts at that age. I was excited for the movie and wanted to reread the book...and so I did.
And... Not how I remembered it...and not the events of the book but my overall reaction and interpretation of the events. I was overwhelmed with the sense that the plan to leave the community was not rebellious or altruistic as I'm sure that I must have interpreted it as a child but remarkably poorly planned and completely without regard for the consequences. That is of course not to say that the community should not have changed...but it was not how I recalled my interpretation of the book at 11/12. I found myself wanting to hear Rosemary's story more.

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