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Weight loss Craze

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Oct. 15th, 2014 | 04:16 pm

So...I am getting old and sad to say, my metabolism is slowing down. In addition to vastly improving my cooking abilities I am also in a positive loving relationship that makes me very happy and secure = pack on the lbs.

I do exercise often, though probably not as often as I'd like. And I've started prepping for a 5k zombie run that Lil ms Sugar Lips has planned for our group. So really I'm actually in pretty good shape...I'm just a bit larger than I'd like. :(

In any case, I have joined the diet craze and gotten myself green coffee extract and garcinia cambogia. ...I was having a bad weight day and made an impulsive buy (what can I say)

So here's to hoping that it works along with my regular diet and exercise. I will be a sexy goddess come January ;)

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