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Pintrerest: I love you...I hate you!

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Jun. 22nd, 2015 | 12:05 pm

Years ago a friend turned me on to pinterest after I fed her "the best damn cinnammon roll she had had in her life". She said it was a site filled with lots of interesting topics, but that I should specifically check out their recipe section. And so, years later, and with many "pinterest fails" under my belt I have come to the conclusion that I have a Pinterest addiction.

Yes...It lures me in with its vibrant beautiful and perfectly staged food photos. It is welcoming, encouraging, and garners the support of a mass following that pin and re-pin spouting praise and admiration week after week, day by day, second by second. There is a feeling one gets of culinary connection and a shared experience, an insight into the food and dietary trends of today.

However, there is no oversite of recipes. I could post with a beautiful picture of my delicious cinnamon rolls and have a recipe for Irish soda bread with it. People would "ooh and ahh" and comment, pin and re-pin, and how many of them would actually notice that the recipe was off? How many of them would actually make the recipe? ..Granted, the level of mis-representation is not THAT bad, rather it is general human error: Recipes with an ingredients list that then don't show where to add those ingredients, recipes without an oil or rising agent that is absolutely necessary to make said dish, recipes without measurements or with improper measurements of ingredients. And then there's simply bad recipes with great photos, which are difficult to identify as such unless you have previous knowledge to draw from.

Yes...At this point, I have had more Pinterest fails than successes. After each one I come to the conclussion that I am through with them, but I keep going back anyway. And I now read and reread recipes before making them, I compare them to other recipes of the same dish, and I'm no longer afraid to assume that the recipe is wrong...because about 75% of the time it is. At this rate, I could dedicate my time to making a site titled "Pinterest Fixes". Joking.. But if nothing else, I think that I've learned more by fixing other peoples dishes then I ever did by copying them. So, thank you Pinterest...and I still hate you?!

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