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Post GOP Debate, coming Snowmagedon!

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Jan. 21st, 2016 | 10:17 am

It snowed an inch last night and for some reason, no one prepped the roads. So the commute home was as much as 6hrs for some people. Yeah..that was one inch. We are expecting 13-20 more.

I did go to the gym last night. (It's less than a mile away) It was gloriously empty and I enjoyed it very much :) However, getting there was rather interesting. A woman was stuck in her van on the hill. She had slid slightly (and I do mean Slightly) and just freaked out and wouldn't go anywhere. ...then there were the two metro buses stopped in the middle of the road with their flashers on and passengers getting off. I asked one as they passed what had happened and he said that the bus driver felt like the bus was sliding everywhere and that it wasn't safe to drive so he just decided to abandon it. Told the passengers to get off and everyone would have to find their own way home. I felt really bad for them...

Besides, isn't it the responsibility of the company to get their passengers home safely? Can you really just drop them off anywhere like that? ..mind you, not all of them were young or appropriately dressed to be hiking around in the windy cold weather.

Yeah... I haven't found anything about it online.

The GOP debate was fun. Got together with friends and made a drinking game of it. Apparently "guns" is the golden word. Had them take the empathy test I ranted about last post and guess what? Same score! (LOL) We also found a study that concluded that individuals could accurately judge whether someone is a criminal based on pictures of their faces alone. We took it their test. My friends..not so great...me, very very good. Same thing tho.. Another BS study and false conclusion. The reason why you're able to identify criminals is because of the very slight emotion on their faces. I just did better bc women are better at seeing these subtleties then men. -shakes head-

Anyway.. Can't wait for the snow. It was in the 70s for Christmas. We need a little cold weather and snow.

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