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May. 26th, 2015 | 06:11 am

I was at a bar or college party once when I was younger. I was maybe 21 or 22. A kid I had never met before came up to me and started talking to me very loudly and intently.
"Have you heard of Rapeseed?"
"...uh...? What?"
"Have you heard of Rapeseed?"
"Ohh.. You haven't heard of RAPEseed? How have you never heard of RAPEseed? I mean, it's RA.."
[I cut him off]
"I just said that I've heard of it"
[I am walking away. He follows]
"OHhh. Well thats great that you've heard of RAPEseed. RAPEseed is a very important...uh, seed. And RAPEseed.."
[I cut him off again]
"Don't talk to me. You're a creep."
[I walk away as he's trying to tell me I am being an overly sensitive bitch but cannot hear him above the noise of the crowd and music.]

So why did this happen? I'm older now and I've met this guy more than a few times..not the same guy of course..but this TYPE of guy. Hes socially awkward and women make him feel small and powerless so he seeks out a way to "right the wrongs against him". This sort of guy goes out of his way to make a girl feel uncomfortable. He might sit too close, look too intently, or simply say inappropriate things. And it's always something small and subtle. Nothing too outlandish as to draw attention or to invoke a slap or pepper spray to the face. No...these people operate on deviant behavior in public and social settings where their victims can be witnessed responding to such behavior but in which it is unlikely that anyone will step in and come to the victim's defense. The goal of these men is to take back the power that they feel they lose in their interactions with women. They do this by trapping their victim in a social setting that appears harmless at first and then making them deeply uncomfortable. The woman might respond by calling the person out on their inappropriate behavior. He will of course either A)deny it or B)play it off as harmless and without ill intent. If it is a group setting he will have this interaction with primarily the group rather than the individual. He will try to paint himself as a the victim, especially if the woman becomes upset/angry or walks away from the interaction. If she is cold to him he will try to bring that to the attention of the group in an attempt to make her appear unaccepting, unfriendly, or worse.

In the past, I've always been the person to tell someone to fuck off in these situations. I would know that my boyfriend or friends would support me in any social setting where this could happen. That no matter how much this was twisted around to make the perpetrator look like an innocent, that they would always take my side. I knew that my boyfriend would never just sit there and let this happen, not in his presence..not ever.

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